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Power line inspection for Agder Energi Nett with Visimind

Our partner Visimind just signed a contract with Agder Energi Nett , and will be using Sevendof as sub-supplier to perform aerial photo inspection and laser scanning on 1 300 km power lines and 15 000 masts this summer.

The work will entail scanning, photo documentation, and analysis of power lines, as well as the vegetation underneath and alongside the power lines. This forms the basis for Agder Energi Nett’s maintenance and vegetation management strategy for the power lines on their HV power grid.

Agder Energi Nett has previously conducted their annual aerial photo inspections of the power grid and laser scanning of vegetation with helicopters. But in more recent years, the supplier market for data collection in combination with photo and laser data has seen a lot of development.

It’s been exciting to see how the service utilising drones has developed in recent years, and we’re only just at the start of it. (..) Agder Energi Nett wants to be an early adopter of this technology. - Jan Erik Eldor

Read the full press release (Norwegian) from Agder Energi Nett here:

Fotoinspeksjon og laserskanning av strømnettet på Agder (Agder Energi Nett, 2021)

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